What is the difference between terrazzo tiles and quartz stone?

In addition to the high proportion of quartz stone used in the decoration industry, the application proportion of terrazzo tiles is also quite high. The hardness of terrazzo tiles can reach 5-7 grades and the quartz stone is not divided, and it is scratch-resistant and fearless. Rolling, color can be adjusted at will, without shrinkage and deformation, the price of terrazzo tiles is less than half of the price of quartz stone. It is more applied to the laying of the ground, the patterns can be spliced ​​at will, no dust, high cleanliness, and can meet the requirements of a high clean environment such as a dust-free workshop. Is it better than quartz stone? It seems that quartz stone needs a sense of urgency!

Is the performance of terrazzo tiles really superior to quartz? The first thing to understand is what terrazzo tiles are. Does anyone know that terrazzo tiles are also a kind of artificial stone, using cement as a cement, mixed with marble or granite crushed stone, broken glass and quartz stone of different colors and sizes.

Marble or granite crushed stone, broken glass and quartz stone particles of different sizes. After mixing, forming, curing, grinding and other processes, an artificial quartz stone with a certain decorative effect is made. Terrazzo tiles is a commonly used building decoration material. Because of its rich sources of raw materials, low prices, good decorative effects, and simple construction techniques, it has been widely used.

Where can terrazzo tiles lose to quartz?

1. Terrazzo tiles have poor corrosion resistance. If they are used in highly corrosive places, or clean terrazzo tiles with highly corrosive cleaners, it will cause serious corrosion of the floor and greatly reduce the service life.

2. Water absorption and permeability. There are many gaps between terrazzo tiles. These gaps can not only store the ash layer but also pass water. If there is water stains on the ground, it will easily penetrate below the floor, and by the way the stains on the ground will also be brought. Going down, it will pollute the terrazzo tiles and it will be very difficult to clean. Although terrazzo tiles and quartz stone have some similarities, they still have more advantages.