Wayon top stone countertops丨 Common war against epidemic, we are with you

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Leap year once every four years, the double spring year in the lunar calendar

It was originally a year with good wishes
But was suddenly hit by a sudden new pneumonia epidemic
Cage shadow

But in the face of the epidemic, we never flinch

People of the whole country unite again and overcome difficulties together

"Life is more important than Mount Tai, epidemic situation is order, prevention and control is responsibility"

Medical staff from all over the world submitted the "please book" as soon as possible

Race against time and epidemic in a charged attitude

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Prevent epidemic situation with one hand and catch production with one hand

Xi Jinping pointed out that after arduous efforts across the country, the situation of epidemic prevention and control continues to improve, and the production and living order has been rapidly restored. It is necessary to deeply implement the spirit of the deployment of the conference to promote the epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development work The economic and social operation order that is compatible with epidemic prevention and control, improve relevant measures, consolidate and expand this hard-won good momentum, and strive for the country's economic and social development to enter the normal track as soon as possible. Target tasks create conditions.

——CCTV News

Wayon Stone actively responds to the call of the party and the country

In order to strive for the economic society to get on the right track as soon as possible

With the help of the local government and preparation of adequate epidemic prevention measures

Wayon Stone Branches have resumed work

Events must not be relaxed

Although the epidemic situation is constantly improving
But the turning point has not yet arrived
Still can't let your guard down
To consolidate and expand the hard-won good momentum

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Wash hands frequently, wear masks, more ventilation, less gathering

Wayon Quartz

In addition to washing hands frequently, wear a mask
Illness comes from the mouth, every family's kitchen hygiene is also a top priority

The countertops of Weiyang quartz stone cabinets are pressed by vacuum high temperature
Certified by NSF American Food Safety
It is a green product that can directly contact with food without polluting the food
The surface is smooth and firm, allowing bacteria to invade seamlessly

WG455 Rose Gigantea

WG455 Rose Gigantea

WG453  Cliff White

WG453  Cliff White

Ups and downs
We believe under the leadership of the party
The people of the whole country work together to resolve dangers