Wayon, watches her 35th birthday coming.(quartz tile)

2016 is past
2017 is coming
Time flies,
Wayon watches her 35th birthday coming.
Let us review Wayon history
Over the past 34 years

Guangzhou Wanon (Guangzhou Lixin) former site
At that time there are a large amount of farmland behind the factory, 
Now has been replaced by factory.

Yunfu Wayon old appearance(quartz tile)
Feng shui ball are very popular for every factory at those years.

Shanghai Wayon old appearance
The building is older that before
But still always keep the much stone blocks inventory.

Tianjin Wayon site
At that time in the North China
blue sky and white clouds is normal views.

In 1980s, fabricated the local stone in workshop;
 In 1990s, import global stone material, to undertake numerous domestic construction of
 the first large reform shopping malls, squares, hotels, government projects;
 In 2000s, Wayon export Chinese stone to worldwide,  show us in the global market;
 After 2010s, we stabilize the foundation of business gravity, vigorously 
develop new green materials quartz surface, building a infinite stone future ... ...

Started in 1982
Wayon 35 years
grateful to you