Wayon quartz raw materials better! More! Near!-(quartz stone)


As well-known, high-quality quartz surface is made of quartz stone, proportion up to about 93% Manufactured in the vacuum and high pressure environment.
The quality of the raw material directly determines the quality of the quartz suface 
Wayon Stone, has been the leading factory on the quality of raw materials control in the forefront of China's quartz stone industry. Wayon Stone has long-term development goals and business strategy, committed to the development of sound quartz industry chain. From the mining area, sand plants, sheet metal plant to sales on the all-around the world's distribution points, Wayon Stone fully explores high-quality quartz ore resources, optimizes the overall production process supply and support, reduces unnecessary production costs, and focuses on product quality and innovation, under the "integrity and quality" concept of development.

Wayon owns outstanding advantages of raw materials in the production of quartz surface mainly including as the following aspects: 
Well located
Wayon quartz stone production base is located in Heyuan City, Dongyuan County. Heyuan City, the distribution center of high quality quartz stone, also knowns as “silicon industry” in Guangdong, owns the world's rare high-quality quartz stone resources.
Closing to the quartz quarry, we not only reduce the transportation costs of raw materials, but also give priority to high-quality quartz sand. 

Every customer visited our factory says: What a very worth to visit and personally feel the scale factory! Whether it is new customers or old customers. 

Huge Deposits
After careful investigation, investigation report shows that only in Dongyuan County, blue town to Liu town, on this small piece of the region, the total reserves of quartz ore resources reached about 220 million tons. In Heyuan city, the proven total quantity of quartz ore is about 400 million to 450 million tons, the storage capacity is more than "China Quartz Center" Jiangsu East China Sea quartz reserves of 300 million tons. It is worthy to the title "treasure trove of quartz” the South China region. 

High quality
According to the specification of quartz ore exploration, Heyuan quartz ore is class Ⅰ ore. Mineral composition is pure; impurity content is low. Under the assurance of advanced equipment and fully the production line, the production and processing of high-quality quartz stone plate, countertop, wall tiles are produced by the high-quality standard, therefore, Wayon Stone won a number of domestic and international quality certification, selling at home and abroad.