Wayon丨2019 Xiamen International Stone Exhibition

China Xiamen International Stone Exhibition

The 19th Xiamen International Stone Exhibition
Will be March 6-9, 2019
Held in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center

Xiamen International Stone Exhibition
It is also one of the global stone industry wind vane exhibitions.
The exhibition area of this year's Xiamen Stone Fair is 180,000m2
Set up 9,300 international standard booths
Expected to attract 148 countries and regions
More than 150,000 professional buyers

Wayon quartz stone
Weiyang specializes in producing quartz stone
After more than 30 years of experience
Whether it is a large board, a countertop or a specification board
Quality and color are at the forefront of the stone industry

Each piece of Weiyang quartz stone
Are in line with the global high-end requirements
Each piece of Weiyang quartz stone
Both contain Weiyang's leading research and development capabilities.
Unique insights into the trend of stone

Wayon rock board
Wayon Slate has a large size different from ordinary tiles.
Also inherited the industrial aesthetics of tiles
Cool and not cold, warm and not old
Demonstrate the personality of the dignified

Weiyang quartzite plate
It is a pretender in the stone industry
Rich in appearance
Concealed performance of quartz stone

It is the point of attention in the design world
Bring amazing attribute aura
People can't help but stay in it

Wayon terrazzo
Subvert your concept of terrazzo
Discover its unique charm in its ancient body

The exhibition
In addition to demonstrating the new products developed by Wayon Stone
More than a combination of technology, beautiful in one of the craft products
No need to look forward to
Wayon is waiting for you at the B1007 booth in Xiamen!