Three popular stone kitchen countertops make you fall in love with cooking

Three popular stone kitchen countertops make you fall in love with cooking
Excellent kitchen design can enhance the temperament and taste of a home. Because the kitchen is the best place to show the master's way of life, a person who loves life and enjoys life must not be reconciled to his own kitchen, which can only satisfy the "desire for satiety", because it can also make people have more vision for a better life.
If you want to decorate an excellent kitchen for yourself, you can refer to three popular stone kitchen countertops.
01. Granite countertop
Granite is the most durable natural stone. It is cut by slab, and the size is suitable for any kitchen table.
Granite is heat and scratch resistant and has hundreds of unique colors and patterns. However, the material is porous and must be sealed. Taking this simple precaution can prevent stains and help keep the stone finished.
Appearance: each piece of natural stone is different, and no two surfaces are exactly the same. Granite can be consistent in pattern or have veins and eddies. A wide range of colors and patterns will give homeowners the special look and feel they want.
Durability: one of the most popular choices for granite is its incredible durability. Popular products can be directly installed on the surface of granite, which makes the material one of the more convenient choices for countertops. Although you can cut directly on the granite surface, this is not recommended because it will passivate the blade. Professionals recommend sealing granite countertops every 6-12 months.
02. Marble countertop
Marble is an iconic kitchen countertop option, and its appearance can be amazing. This kind of natural stone is warm and full of personality.
Marble surfaces keep cool even in hot summer, which allows you to turn on the oven in the middle of the heat wave. But marble is not the easiest surface to maintain. It is soft and porous and must be sealed to avoid staining. Should immediately clean stones spilled acid substances, such as orange juice, wine or milk, to avoid etching.
Marble is also easy to break and scratch, but these defects make it fascinating over time.
Appearance: marble slab has many colors, usually with a certain number of irregular texture. Classic marble countertops are usually white with a subtle gray texture, but beige, brown and black options are increasingly popular.
Durability: for natural stone, marble is one of the softer choices for countertops. As a result, it is more likely to be used frequently to scratch, bite and stain. Marble can be purchased polished or polished. The polished marble has a dull surface, which helps to hide some scratches and etchings. Polished marble luster, more resistant to dyeing than frosted marble.
03. Quartzite Mesa
Do not confuse with quartz, quartzite is a kind of natural stone, with neutral color and swirl pattern, reminiscent of marble.
It has considerable heat resistance, but like marble, it needs to be sealed regularly.
Because of the quartz crystal in the stone, when the light is reflected by the surface, most of the quartzite mesa will have a shiny surface.