The University Entrance Exam


The annual college entrance examination blockbusters released again, we deciede to exploreThe language for British history's zheng materialized - GO!
Chinese - sales pitch, language, document writing... The required language capability is everywhere, small make up the bottom 10% from grade one to ShunShu 10%, however, and there is no hard or not, just feel is marking the teacher in a good mood, so the broad masses of students, to treat the university entrance exam, with common heart.

Mathematics, math is important! Each country of the currency exchange rate, finished product material ratio calculation, calculation of quantities, the distribution ratio of raw materials, etc., accurate decision quality, good at maths, superior products and services.

English - English really super super super important!
Speak English good colleagues to navigate around the globe, the company every year, there are many exit exhibition opportunities, in addition to fastidious its business development capability, the requirement of English level is self-evident.
Often see colleagues fly to earth at the other end of the publicity company, led by local customers to experience different local conditions and customs, or is that accompanied the customer to visit the factory, the sort of answer up, that kind of talk ChengHuan, is really very envy.

- ask: what is the composition of quartz?
- A: CaCO3 B: CaOH3 C: SiO2 D: FeO2.
- A: the forehead is supposed to be A: calcium carbonate, CaCO3 stone, [embarrassed rustic laughter]
Wrong! Comprised mainly of silica, SiO2, SiO2 above 90% can be called real quartz.
SiO2 silica and CaCO3, the biggest difference is the resistance to acid and calcium carbonate hardness for calcium carbonate can react with an acid to produce gas, familiar formula is as follows
This is why the marble is not suitable for outdoor and stage face plate, as susceptible to corrosion of acid rain and acid alkaline detergent.
And hardness, ordinary marble is 3 ~ 5.5, quartz is 7, which scratch resistant and durable, clear principle now.

Biological - SiO2 is a non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution of non-metallic materials.
Supplement, if long-term inhaled containing silica dust, will be prone to silicosis.
But don't worry, wei the quartz production is each board after high-intensity vacuum vibration suppression and become, is that you want to 2 cm we suppress 2 cm, we can't suppress 3 cm, 3 cm you don't like traditional stone material factory from bulk mineral aggregate cut into large plate, remove the dust rolling link. To ensure the production of environmental health.

Physical - forgive small make up what is physics is not so good, should be from the resistance, compressive strength, thermal degree? Anyway, the quartz is very strong, heat resistance, gloss, very bright.
Radiation? Stone no radiation! There is no radiation! There is no radiation! Also thought has radiation, certainly didn't focus on CCTV and we wei WeChat public Numbers of the stone.

History - from the glass is actually comprised of similar products, because of its similar raw materials, but no cognitive using quartz, especially in foreign countries, in recent years is know by consumers.
While developed countries already use quartz for high-quality panel materials.

Geography - study Chinese geography, the best quality quartz sand here, China - guangdong heyuan. The region has the world's rare quality quartz resources [silicon] resources, proven total resources of quartz mine in 400 million ~ 450 million tons, is Ⅰ quartz mine.
According to the theory of the location advantage of social geography of raw materials, guangdong ocean industrial co., LTD will make here as China'

Politics - quartz belongs to a new type of green environmental protection material, adhering to the concept of sustainable development of the stone material, configuration of advanced processing equipment and factory sewage treatment system, reduce the production water by more than 20%, the sewage 100% recycling use, and not to discharge of raw sewage, to carry out the 3 r concept of environmental protection

The above content, if there are any errors, welcome to guide the criticism, to explore together.
To sum up, no matter which subject, knowledge is very important, wei the stone wish all the students got the ideal result!