The skill of choosing the countertops stone of kitchen table

Kitchen countertop materials are different, such as stainless steel, marble, countertops stone, granite and so on. Choosing marble and granite is generous and practical, which is the material that many homeowners like. But what kind of stone can better decorate the kitchen and take care of it is a problem that many people care about.
First of all, the marble has the phenomenon of color penetration. If wine or drinks fall on the white marble, and it is not cleaned immediately, the color will seep into the stone texture and become a "big face". From the perspective of permeability, the stone is much better than the marble and will not let the table face.
Secondly, the processed stone should be cut neatly, the surface should be smooth, the brightness should be good, and the hand touch should have a sense of delicacy. This is the high-quality stone.
Then there is the choice of color, kitchen countertop as far as possible to choose dark department or and kitchen color corresponding, easy to clean. The stone required by the kitchen console can also be granite. It can be used in a changeable environment for a long time, and its color is as bright as new, so it is more suitable for making kitchen countertops.
In the picture below, the countertop is mainly gray, white, black and various colors. It's most important to choose the countertop color according to your own kitchen style. Go and have a look.