Measures to prevent aging of marble stone

Marble stone has a very good use effect. Pay attention to protection during its use to prevent it from being damaged. The aging problem is a common marble stone problem. Let's talk about the measures to prevent the aging of marble stone.

  1. The marble stone should be maintained regularly, and the professional marble stone maintenance personnel should be invited to do the maintenance work. In our daily life, we must also clean up regularly.

  2. Long-term covering of carpets and debris on the surface of marble stone should be avoided. Long-term coverage will prevent the moisture of marble stone from volatilizing and cause the problem of marble stone lesions.

   3. If there are impurities sticking to the marble stone, it must be removed in time to prevent rust spots from penetrating into the pores of the marble stone.

   4. Pay attention to placing the marble stone in a cool, dry and ventilated place, keep the marble stone clean and clean, and do a good job of dust removal and cleaning in time to reduce the abrasive dust on the surface of the marble stone.

  5. Do not use detergent indiscriminately. Choose a special detergent to clean, then use water to clean the detergent on the surface of the marble stone, and then use a clean rag to dry the excess water.

   6. Don't wax at will, choose a professional maintenance company to wax marble stone.

   In the process of using marble stone, we should take care of the problems in time and use them properly.