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Weiyang High Performance Inorganic Terrazzo
Mining and processing with the advantages of own mines, selecting natural marble particles and quartz sand as raw materials, accompanied by self-developed inorganic mixtures and imported concrete after fully mixing and coagulating
After the surface is ground and polished, a colorful and unique style terrazzo is formed.
The irregular pebble patterns on the surface of the terrazzo are full of uncertain random beauty.

With the economic development, we have higher and higher requirements for the decoration materials of the residence, and we all want to have a comfortable living environment.

Nowadays, under the creative application and collocation of designers, terrazzo has become the darling of the decoration industry and has been on the international stage.

It has its beautiful appearance in the fields of commercial space, homes, outdoor floors, furniture, bathroom basins, accessories and lamps.

Different stones

Weiyang Stone Research Center once did an observation experiment, and each kind of terrazzo has different differences under the microscope.

From the perspective of God, the terrazzo is different in the microscope world magnified 200 times.

On the fault section, it can be seen that the fault section of Weiyang Superpower Inorganic Terrazzo is completely crystallized and dense, as if it is naturally fused together. However, it can be seen that the terrazzo of other foreign brands at the bottom of the figure below is not dense enough to bond, and the fault section is crystalline Poor results appear to have potholes.

The fault surface of other domestic brands of terrazzo on the right of the picture also has a layer of sand and gravel due to insufficient compactness, which will fall off with a light stroke.

With the painstaking efforts of the Weiyang R&D team, the mineral composition and crystal structure of the Weiyang inorganic terrazzo have been reasonably optimized, so that the products are more closely integrated to form a highly dense terrazzo. The high density performance makes the product water absorption rate as low as 1.1%.

The high-performance Weiyang inorganic terrazzo surface processing can achieve lychee noodles and fired noodles, which are extremely challenging for the board.

In 1982, Lixin Joint Stone Factory was established in Yunfu, the stone capital of China, to produce stone rice. Since then, the foundation has been laid for the future super-energy inorganic terrazzo.

Since the 1980s, people have paid more and more attention to the beauty of houses, and most of the facades of houses have been built with stone meters.

The uneven stone wall is gray and white, which is very beautiful.

Terrazzo is essentially full of the dual genes of art and technology, so it will lead a new material revolution in the green building industry in the new era with the new aesthetics that collided. Terrazzo is not just an industrialized artificial stone, but a new aesthetic building material for the awakening of civilization and technological innovation, which carries the enlightenment wisdom and modern exploration spirit of predecessors. Weiyang Stone has sharpened its sword for thirty-five years and has overcome difficulties. From stone rice to inorganic terrazzo, it has continued to innovate and continue to carry out research and development and the transformation of technological achievements.

Focus on improving the quality of stone products. To make super-energy inorganic terrazzo with high density, stability and durability.